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Why Do Young People Still Need Formal Tech Education?

Since the younger generation of today’s time is already exposed to modern gadgets such as tablets and smartphones, it seems that formal tech education is not needed anymore. To add up to this is their knowledge about the internet and its accessibility. This is actually something not new to them but a thing that they […]


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Smart Technology Isn’t All That Smart

“Putting out the fire with gasoline, do you know that line from David Bowie’s song Cat People?” This is how Jan Willem de Graaf opens our conversation. On December 6, he was installed as lecturer Brain & Technology of the new and first lectureship of the Applied Psychology study program (Academy of Human and Labor). ‘Everything that we want to solve in this world with Smart Technology creates new problems and challenges that we have to tackle again. That is, freely translated, Bowie’s message, ‘says Jan Willem.

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So Smart Technology presents us with problems that we are not familiar with standard technology or technology?
Exactly. If you walk through the history of man and technology in seven-league boots, you will see that 200,000 years ago we humans led a varied life as hunters and gatherers that we could sustain for 75 years. When we settled as farmers to work one piece of land, those repetitive actions did us no good. Our bodies wore out earlier and our range became smaller. You could say that as individuals we got poorer. Our property required a legal system and armies to defend it. Our society became stratified and the so-called ‘happy few’ emerged from the working class in the eighteenth century in the Enlightenment. Then the industrial revolution followed. You can actually consider the steam engine as the greatest technological development after the agricultural era.

Do you mean that language has become technology? Explain that.
Language drives technology these days. As code. We survived for centuries with levers, spears, and hammers, but language eventually became the means of describing processes. Aristotle, Newton, Einstein, all needed language to flesh out their scientific discoveries. From the moment the computer age began, language has been central to machines, as a programming language. I think that is a special conclusion.

You said that somewhere around that agricultural revolution, we have become individually poorer as humans. Did technology ultimately make us poorer?
Technology has brought us a lot, but I am not necessarily impressed by all the technological developments. In my lecture, I also mention that we are driven by the politics behind the technology. I find that a difficult issue. Watch the music available from streaming services. The algorithms behind it determine what you and I will be served. And believe me, that set is very limited. Anyone can upload music. So much great, original music is being made, but the masses hear only 1 percent of the offer that those streaming services have. And that is mainly Dutch rap at the moment. Also, look at Sky Radio: with this others create something that automatically becomes the soundtrack of our life. The big companies are in charge. We live in a Superstar society. The top is high and narrow.

Can that be broken?
In his theory of economic inequality, the economist Thomas Piketty argues for more balance. He says that rendering from existing capital is faster than you can get from labor. That is exactly the Sky Radio idea: what is popular becomes more popular because it is popular. That circle is difficult to break. I do not believe that in the year 2050 we will be ‘brain dead, but I do think it is important that we have the awareness that we are participating in what the multinationals are imposing on us. In two years, IBM will be 100 years old. Microsoft and Apple have also been around for nearly 50 years. We trick ourselves into thinking that so much is changing. The real technical revolution took place between 1800 and 1915. The Smart World that was already emerging at that time still asks us to stay alert.

Why Septic Tank Requires Maintenance

Your septic tank may be a helpful method to control your wastewater for several years to come. But if you would like to take advantage of your investment and make sure your tank stays in good shape for the near future, you’ll have to take some actions to remain on top of their upkeep of the unit. Maintaining your tank in good shape won’t just prolong the lifespan of this device, it is going to lower the odds of unexpected breakdowns or defects. There are lots of Lakeland septic service who can offer you the best solution and fix your problem. Continue reading for our top five tips for septic tank maintenance.

Make your house more water-efficient

If you’re continuously overloading your system with a lot of water then you will put an excessive strain on your tank and make it become weakened, blocked, or damaged. By producing your appliances water efficient, you can lower the workload of your septic tank, and so expand its lifespan.

You can make your house more effective in its water usage in a couple of distinct ways, whether it’s repairing a leaking bathroom, just using your washing machine or dishwasher for a complete load, or installing two-bedroom bathrooms or showerheads, or a couple of tiny adjustments can make a significant difference.

Learn everything you can and can not pour down your drains

There are a few substances that most certainly shouldn’t be disposed of down your drain, as the bacteria in your septic tank function on a delicate equilibrium along with the introduction of particular components can upset the pH balance and stop the germs from breaking down waste, or cause blockages. A Few of the Things You should refrain from disposing of your sinks down or bathroom comprise:

  • Fats, oils, or grease
  • Disposable diapers
  • Wet wipes
  • Coffee grounds, eggshells, and nutshells
  • Cigarettes with filters within
  • Feminine health care products
  • Paper towels
  • Paints or compounds

Ensuring that not one of the items make their way to your septic tank can help to maintain the machine and prevent harms.

Carry out routine inspections

By routinely inspecting the state of your septic tank, then you will be more inclined to spot growing faults before on, which makes them faster and cheaper to fix. If you can’t ever have a peek at the condition of your tank, then you might have a nasty surprise when it suddenly stops working daily.


Have a peek at the tank, any visible elements, the drain area, and some other earth surrounding the tank for any signs of leaking or damage.

By scrutinizing your tank, it is possible to likewise know about how complete it’s so it is possible to reserve your appointment to get the septic tank emptied beforehand.

Guard your drain field

Your drain area is equally as crucial as the tank itself, and damages that happen here can negatively impact how well your septic tank will cope with waste — you might even realize your tank gets backlogged and overflows because it does not have a fantastic outlet for your waste to visit.

Ensure to never park or drive in your drain area, and you need to avoid putting trees or plants within this region as root infiltration can hinder the flow of water.

Take your tank pumped

Your tank will have to get pumped frequently to keep it functioning optimally. It’s commonly stated that a tank is only going to have to get pumped every 3-5 decades, depending on how much use it’s. But although it’s not likely your tank will fill up so fast, we would advise that you check in using an expert to find out whether your tank wants pumped yearly. The further waste your tank stays, the less efficiently it will operate and the more probable it will become damaged in some manner; it’s much better to be careful than risk this happening!

Cordless Drills for House Renovation

Cordless drill drivers are among the most indispensable tools needed in building sites and house fixing and renovation projects. As its name implies, cordless drill drivers assist in drilling holes in distinct surfaces easily and convenient in a top speed. Furthermore, they are with no electrical wires or wires and operate with batteries. Can it be a skilled or a first-time user, cordless drills are essential for blending perfection and power for all sorts of drilling tasks. There are a number of forms available in cordless drills which are categorized in accordance with the tasks they help on doing.

These drivers may be utilized efficiently for drilling holes at almost any substance including concrete and bricks. Drill drivers can also be among those’must have’ drilling equipments due to their useful capabilities. Their compact dimensions, higher energy efficiency, torque clutch, and fantastic layouts make them efficient for multipurpose operation. You’re able to push numerous screws with the assistance of this cordless impact drivers though you cannot remove them.

Cordless screwdrivers are also very helpful tools for driving screws at the blink of the eyes. The mind of this screwdrivers could be flexed which provides them the flexibility of functioning in closed areas too. These tools are part of the collection of compact drill tools some of which arrive with accessories that are applicable.

Like the rest of the tools there are a few benefits and pitfalls connected with cordless drilling gear. The main benefit of cordless compact drills is they don’t demand worrying about the cable room or attaching the cable to the electricity. Cordless tools operate on batteries also come in convenient layouts offering convenience and ease of grip whilst still working. While using those tools for prolonged and strong tasks, you need to carry additional batteries and replace them so you may keep using them.

If you’re purchasing a pair of streamlined woodworking tools, then there are particular aspects you want to examine on. The battery pack is essential since the tougher and longer the functionality the larger electricity and wattage of this tool. You should also understand the weight of this tool is directly associated with the volt or the electricity, meaning tools with greater wattage, would be thicker than those with lesser volts. For the best combi drill in the UK – check impact driver.

Cordless drill drivers largely arrive in the form of a pistol that makes the grip simpler. The cost ranges of the various makes and models can vary as a weight, size, and wattage.

Sustainable Technology for Home

Regardless of the season, appliances and home devices are taking up most of the space inside our house. And because of the stay at home protocol during this pandemic, these applianced are highly beneficial for us. From washing our clothes, cooking food, and staying us cool on hot days, they are all make sustainability inside our home.

Newest List of Sustainable Technology for Home

Below is the list of newest invention for home sustainability:

Modular Refrigerator

The modular style of refrigerator nowadays is for the purpose of preventing food wastage. The Presenta refrigerator has modular system storage that comes in folding style that afterward reveals the content.

Microplastic-Filtering Washing Machine

This modern-day washing machine model includes a filtering device that able to capture around 90 percent of fibers from shred clothes.

Emission-Eliminating Air Conditioner

The newest air-con model utilizes the synthetic molecular sieve in boiling the water. This will in turn reward the enclosed system for added cooling effect.

IR Powered Home Heater

Direct transfer of heat from the heater to the object inside the house is the main function of this newly invented home heating device.

Color-Changing Window Solar Cell

This window/solar cell permits slight natural light to comes in. The excellent feature of it is that it changes color from brown, orange, red, and yellow. Every color aims to block the light and will cool down the room eventually.


Planning to Change your Bathroom?

Renovating your bathroom is a superb method of updating your house and can add value to your property. Sometimes it’s possible to make a significant difference just by updating the accessories into your toilet, or maybe you want to take it further and replace a number of the older fixtures with new ones. However, in some instances a complete renovation is needed to update your bathroom. Before going forward with your toilet renovation, there are a couple of things that you need to consider.

The very first thing to create a determination on is your budget. You want to be certain that your vision for your new bathroom corresponds with the amount of money you’ve got at your disposal. Your budget will affect your overall vision and because of this, that you need to specify a limit before starting anything. If your budget is infinite then great, you can use the highest quality materials and hire the best laborers, however if you are not in such a fortunate position you might want to make some cut-backs. Employing the best quality materials you can afford may cost you a whole lot initially but will decrease your maintenance demands overall and will make certain that the work lasts longer. In addition, paying bathroom professionals [ majstori za kupaonice ] is another option for you, if you don’t want to DIY. Whatever budget you decide on, you should always let for overruns incase anything goes wrong.

The next thing to think about is who’s going to do the work. Are you really going to do it yourself, hire a builder, or mix a little of both? In case you’ve got the skills and expertise to do it yourself then great, but the majority of us don’t have sufficient experience with plumbing or electrics to attempt a bathroom renovation with no professional assistance. A professional designer will be able to help organize your ideas into a feasible design and ensure the project is achievable.

The main idea of a bathroom renovation would be to bring the space current and keep things looking fresh. You might want to use inspiration from other contemporary bathroom design trends to make sure that your bathroom renovation will stay up to date to the next few decades. Try and pick a style which you think will go the distance since you don’t want to have to do another renovation a few months down the line when your bathroom is suddenly out of fashion.

Always be prepared for surprises. When you are doing any sort of renovation job on a construction you may discover something which you were not expecting that could set you back days of job or a large amount of money.

Ensure you have a plan which takes into account time, money and complexity. Get your plan right and you’re certain to love your new toilet renovation!

Advantages of Using Mobile Devices for Online Classes

Due to the current health situations of the world today, many aspects of our lives are turning into the online world. From shopping to bills payment, enrollment to attending classes. All these are now made online. But, the biggest concern here is the online classes or new platform of learning.

With regards to apps used for disseminating educational information, there would be no problem. The problem arises with the device that the student will have to use during online classes. Well, it is no doubt that computers and laptops are convenient ones for surfing the internet. However, not all students have this at home.

That leads to the necessity of the students to own a smartphone or tablet. These two gadgets are very popular now because of online classes. But, are they really suitable for that purpose?

Advantages of Mobile Devices for Online Classes

Check here for some helpful benefits of mobile devices during online classes:


Mobile devices are far too cheaper compared to desktop computers. Because of that, many can afford to have one to be able to have access to the online class.

Higher priced mobile devices offer good quality internal hardware.


Since these devices come in a small package, students are more fond of using them.


Through mobile devices, students can access online classes virtually in any places they want.


Virtual classrooms that are also applicable to mobile devices can get students connected to their online courses.

Learning Styles

Mobile devices offer a new platform for learning. With this, students can adapt to various styles of learning.

The Benefits Of Working A Professional Real Estate Company Or Agent

Selling or buying a home can be very taxing and challenging particularly if you don’t know where to begin. To make the process much easier for you, consider hiring a reputable real estate company in your area such as Elstree Sales & Lettings.

Hiring A Real Estate Agent – What They Offer

Many don’t hire a real estate company or agent to help them in this endeavor for various reasons. Some believe that it can cost them so much money whereas others may have had a negative experience in the past that changed their perception of them. However, there are a lot of benefits in hiring the services of a reputable real estate agent, whether you’re a buyer, a seller, or a property investor. Here are some:

They Can Find What You Are Looking For

If you are purchasing a home without the help of a real estate agent, you need to search through all the options available which can be time-consuming. With an experienced reals estate company,  like Elstree Sales & Lettings, they will shortlist the properties so that your options match your needs as well as your budget. When you’ve found the perfect home, your agent will also guide you through the purchasing process making it much easier and stress-free for you as well as save you so much energy and time.

They Have Relevant and Comprehensive Knowledge of the Market

It is imperative that agents have knowledge of the conditions and trends in the real estate market. This will be particularly beneficial to property investors. Agents need to be informed of every aspect of the market and industry in order to help sellers, buyers and investors much better and competently.

They Have Professional Connections and Networks

Licensed real estate agents have professional and trusted connections and networks. This one of the major benefits of hiring a real estate agent. Agents can just tap into their networks and connections for your future deals in your property investments, if you need contractors, title companies, staging companies, and other professionals whose expertise you need.

They Can Recognize Potential Problems

When it comes to purchasing or selling a home without the expertise of real estate agent, you might be faced with problems that you could’ve avoided in the first place. Experienced real estate agents will be able to spot possible problems and hazards in or der for you to address the issue right away and be able to make the process of buying or purchasing a home much smoother.

The Advantages Of Playing A Video Games

Whether a veteran, a beginner, or someone who loves to play games, the reality is that 2020 is the best year for a gamer. Projections suggest that by 2021, the business will reach $180 billion in earnings and it does not come as a surprise once people find out that over 2.5 billion people play video games across the world. Virtually one-third of the full populace had contact with a video game at least once in their lifetime. People also use hints, cheat codes, that are found on the internet to make gaming easy.


Growing amounts can only have favorable impacts on players. More money and more customers mean more chances, more matches, more genres, better games, more gambling-related tasks, more esports, more friends, more events, and more entertainment.


A good deal of individuals believe that playing video games is a waste of time and in reality, people do not have anything to benefit from it, nevertheless, a scientific study suggests the opposite way. Research suggests that some of the cognitive advantages of playing videos are:



Games are built on the assumptions of needing to attain certain objectives and using many barriers come your way to keep you from doing this. When it’s fighting monsters, solving puzzles, amassing resources, or coordinating with staff, being continuously exposed to figuring out a way to achieve the match aims improves one’s problem-solving abilities as far as copying mathematics exercises sharpens your mind.



Virtually all games today have some kind of internet playing abilities. This permits players to connect throughout the world utilizing voice or chat. Huge numbers of individuals admit to having shaped deep connections with people they’ve met on the internet through video games.



Video games are packed with several distinct sorts of stimulants and force players to be very observant. Ordinarily, this means paying attention to numerous things simultaneously and responding to them.


If everything else does not seem convincing, then know that video games are a terrific medium for storytelling. A number of the very best and most loved personalities are produced in video games and also the other way round also stands accurate. Besides characters, time and special indexes also shape the gambling universes, and if novels are proven to improve creativity the same can be stated by a game.




The new year has only just begun and Spotify is already suggesting fresh playlists. According to the Spotify annual review, the “Your Mix of the Week” playlist alone has been streamed more than nine billion times. Some particularly like to be sonicated if they have to learn for exams or write housework.

Science Disagrees

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is less clear than one would like. The Mozart effect discovered in 1993, that listening to classical music had a positive effect on cognitive performance, could neither be fully substantiated nor reproduced. However, recent studies suggest that music can have a positive effect on concentration, mood and memory. Students who like music also write the better grades. But if you don’t want to follow the nice confirmation bias, you will of course also find it.

But Music Still Helps

Although the link between listening to music and cognitive performance is not entirely clear, some benefits cannot be dismissed. Especially not when you think of the real world.

Music helps us to isolate ourselves from the outside world. It is often difficult to perform when all sorts of people are talking around you and you are exposed to different other sounds. Even if silence would be ideal, it is often not so easy to find it. In this case, you replace the unpleasant and disturbing sounds with musical sounds and it is easier to concentrate.


Music can motivate us. Every now and then you just don’t make it to the top. But what works in the gym works at the desk. A good playlist and the boring text or the endless exercise sheet aren’t that bad anymore.

We are in a better mood when we listen to music. Good music makes you feel good. This effect can of course be used wonderfully to approach the tasks ahead with a little more pleasure. Especially when learning it is also important not to be in a bad mood, because the brain learns the emotions. Let’s face it, the last thing you can use in a exam is an additional bad mood.

Many people also feel that music helps them to be more receptive and creative. This also makes sense, because more senses are addressed than would be the case without music and sounds. Especially when learning, however, it must be clear that music increases the cognitive load, since it has to be processed by the brain.

What, Where and How?

So it’s up to you to try whether you want to be sonicated while learning, working or writing the next housework.

Science also argues about the perfect way of music. It’s really clear that the music shouldn’t distract you too much. Text-heavy songs are therefore perhaps less suitable than classical music or some good electric tracks. But the most important thing is that the music should be motivating and spread a good mood.

There are plenty of offers that go beyond your own music collection. Everyone knows Spotify, you can discover good new playlists on 8tracks, Get Work Done Music promises productivity-enhancing sounds and even offers a neuroscience-curated song selection.

Finally, of course, you should listen to your music in such a way that others ideally don’t notice it.

Best Way To Grow Grass Fast

The AeroGarden is the new”space-age” technology indoor gardening procedure. Plants in the AeroGarden grow up to five times faster than crops from the dirt and dirt. They’re grown using aeroponic and hydroponic methods. The AeroGarden is your way to gardening.

Setting the AeroGarden is really a breeze and it’s the Best Way To Grow Grass Fast indoors. It can literally be set up and forgot about in five minutes. The method by which the layout is set up makes it more straightforward and provides you nothing to worry about.

Indoor gardening does not get simpler than the AeroGarden. The price is merely a low cost investment for many, many years of fresh foods that are fresh. The best thing about the AeroGarden is it is totally automated. Meaning there is not any need to waste your efforts spending delicate care tracking your crops. The system built in to the AeroGarden tracks the entire growth of plants. From nutrients to water to lighting times, it does everything.

It’s not necessary to deal with pests or weeds and there’s barely any pruning needed. The pruning and care needed are carefully covered in the manual included with the AeroGarden. The size and mobility of the AeroGarden makes it a great candidate for apartments, condos and other little indoor places. The lights give adequate lighting for the plants and may even be placed in a dimly lit area with little to no sun. The AeroGarden is also the perfect selection for gardeners who tend to travel. The AeroGarden can continue unattended around a couple of weeks. The AeroGarden is an all-year grower, which means that you can grow any crops you want any time of the year! And when they are ready for harvest, it’s right at your fingertips.

Many seed kits are available, offering you a variety to develop in your home. The yield rate is great and you get the majority of your money’s worth from the first harvest. Every harvest that just means free, free, free. You also save money by not having to push to the supermarket to buy fresh veggies or herbs.

Employing aeroponic technology you can start seeds and develop healthy seedlings with strong roots and prepare them for transplanting.

There’s not any dirt included, no bugs, and no need to monitor watering and fertilizing. Easy to build, easy to use. The AeroGarden functions like clockwork, following precise times when they are said to germinate. Followed by watering times, light times, and if to add nutrients. This clockwork timely leads to a quick yield and quicker fresh food to your table.

Digital learning: Advantages and disadvantages

More and more schools are starting to use modern media to make teaching more appealing. Different media are used in digital learning.

However, it is not clearly regulated to what extent this has to be the case in order to actually speak of digital learning.

Digital learning enables joint work in a learning platform

One of the best methods of digital learning is that certain content can be worked on together.

Depending on the software used, the individual students can access the content of the digital board from their tablets and make their own contributions directly visible to everyone.

That way, every single student doesn’t have to come up and present their idea to the whole class. Rather, every child has the opportunity to think about their thoughts from their seat and then to present them.

This kind of cooperation in the class community is particularly beneficial for rather shy children who know what prank calling app is as they usually only take a little part in discussions when the inhibition threshold is relatively high.

Advantages and disadvantages of digital learning – the future is not all positive

Like almost all new methods, the aspect of digital learning has met with a lot of criticism.


  • Fast and direct collaboration throughout the class
  • Cautious students have an easier time getting involved in class
  • Individual progress can be better controlled
  • Children learn to deal with digital media at an early age
  • Digital learning offers many different areas of application so that the learning content is not limited to just one subject
  • Learning together should make the learning experience easier for children
  • Interactive learning experiences are intended to improve motivation
  • The curriculum is much more based on the reality of the life of the students since the internet is an integral part of everyday life.


  • Familiarization with the use of digital media requires a lot of time, which is missing for teaching
  • Most teachers are not yet technically skilled enough that extensive training is necessary
  • Technical disruptions affect a smooth lesson
  • Equipping a digital classroom costs a lot of money
  • Children type more so many handwritings suffer
  • Language is no longer a compulsory tool for participation in class so that communication skills can decrease
  • Frequent use of digital content can lead to addiction problems
  • Depending on the application, the actual subject teaching takes a back seat

There are studies that praise the value of digital learning, but also more than one study that criticizes that early use of computers and the like is rather unproductive.

Despite all criticism and all doubts, some of which are justified, it is important to recognize that every change takes time.

Strategies on Learning Technology and Everything about It!

In every field, new opportunities are unwrapping with the newest innovations that were developed on a regular basis. Knowing this, technological innovations should learn so that it can’t be intimidating especially for the older ones. But, always keep in mind that learning is a continuous process that shouldn’t end even if there is technological blockage ahead.

Ways on How to Easily Learn Technology

Check the following tips below to successfully understand everything about technology. Moreover, these steps will also help in discovering the advantages of learning.

1. Be open-minded

In doing this, do not say the reasons for not doing it, rather say that you are very much willing to try it ‘cause you are not done it yet.

In order to learn new skills, enrol on online courses, hire a pro, read some books or watch educational programs.

2. Explore YouTube

Nowadays, if you want to learn something, simply log on to YouTube and you will definitely see all the “how-to’s” that you’ve been looking for. Spend time in watching videos and learn new things through it.

3. Repeat and repeat

Always keep in mind that repetition and learning walk hand-in-hand. You have to do the right way over and over until the process becomes a norm to you.

4. Have fun

In learning, always keep the process in a funny way so that it will keep you going with great motivation.

Buying an E-bike for Your Kid: Things to Consider

We understand: looking for kids’ bikes can be hard.  For beginners, childrens’ bikes are sized oddly, and several of the best brands are ranging from those in the grown-up market.

And then there are more detailed questions: What’s more enjoyable–coaster brakes or hand brakes?  And, how much should one anticipate to spend to get a good quality folding ebikes from ponfish?

Good news – we’re about to help cut through the complexity and give the down-low on how to pick the best bicycle for your kid. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Determyour child’s inseam.

The best way to fit a bike to a child is to measure their inseam. Don’t skip this step.

A bike suggested for a 5 year old may fit one child at 4 and another at 6. Each kid is not the sam, and each one earns a bike that is perfect for him/her. Good bike manufacturers will reveal the relevant inseam length for each of their bikes.

Pick a less-heavy bicycle.

A lot of kids bikes on the market are insanely heavy. It’s normal for children’s bikes to weigh as much as 50% of their body weight, and balance more than an grown-up bike. If you are going to choose a bike according to any one factor, choose it according to weight.

A bike that is very heavy is going to be difficult for a child to manage and relaxing to ride very far. I had a Dad tell me the other day that his 8-year-old son avoided riding his bike and declined to go more than 6 miles.

Check the Brakes.

Opposite to common belief, coaster brakes are not the best choice for kids. On poorly made bikes, inferior hand brakes can be hard for children to pull, letting a coaster brake required. On a well-made bike, however, the brake levers will be devised for small, weak hands. An adult must be able to compress the lever with their pinky finger.

The reason I don’t suggest coaster brakes is two-fold. First, you may not be able to backpedal with a coaster brake, which is amazingly hard for a kid just studying to ride. For children going straight from a balance bike to a pedal bike without training wheels (which I highly suggest), when they backpedal, they stop abruptly and fall over.

Importance of technology in education

Digitization is increasingly shaping and changing the life and work of people around the world. Schools are central places of education and upbringing and that is why young people have to acquire the knowledge and skills here to be able to move in the living and working world of today and tomorrow in a reflected manner and on a reliable basis of information. Because of technology, students can use Youtube downloader for educational purposes.


Technology must follow pedagogy

On the way to the digital future, the clear principle applies to the school sector: technology must follow pedagogy. Only with a good educational concept and appropriately qualified teachers can digital technology develop its full potential in the classroom. At the same time, current digital technologies offer numerous new educational opportunities and approaches to make school lessons more effective, to enrich them, or to facilitate individualized learning.


Methodical and didactic anchoring

The concrete methodological and didactic implementation in the classroom in connection with the content anchoring in the education and curriculum is one of the central challenges. The aim here is to give the individual schools the best possible support in developing appropriate concepts. The provision of digital educational media that use the methodological and didactic potential of digital technology is also of great importance in this context.


Qualification of teachers

Teachers play a decisive role in the actual implementation. You have to convey the new content, take up new technical and methodological possibilities and always keep an eye on critical aspects of this dynamic development. It is therefore important to prepare teachers appropriately for this task as part of their training.

Establishing the technical requirements

The new technical possibilities associated with digitization should be used in the school environment on the basis of a clear pedagogical concept in such a way that everyone involved can benefit as much as possible and risks – for example in relation to data protection and data security – are minimized. For this purpose, the technical prerequisites must be created that enable meaningful and safe learning with and via digital media in schools. The development of a nationwide digital education platform for schools should make an important contribution to this.

Classroom Rules That Work

Providing a good education to our children is every parent’s priority. Children learn many things in school. Following rules are among them.

Rule # 1: Respect yourself and one another.
Showing respect to oneself especially to others is the most important rule. A student who respects himself would take responsibility for his actions and would be thoughtful towards his classmates. Respect likewise encompasses wearing appropriate attire, interreacting with teachers and when faced with challenges we take action to improve. Give =credit to students who opens the door for another. Or to a student who listens attentively to a conversation. It’s every teachers role to talk and correct students who show disrespect.

Rule # 2: The Classroom is a Safe Zone:
Schools should be a venue where every student can ask freely a question or challenge an answer without being attacked or bullied. Students should compliment each other as well as disagreeing in a constructive way. Building rapport with each other would make learning much more fun and exciting. As a teacher always remember that students respond to direct praise.






Rule # 3: Take Initiative
Advocating for oneself is an important part of developing for middle schoolers. For instance is a student was absent, he should ask the teacher for any missed material, assignments or quizzes. She should talk to the teacher how she can catch up with the missed activity. Students who develop this habit now will help students in the long run.

Rule # 4: Use Technology Appropriately
Kids nowadays are more plugged in than ever. However technology often prevents children from socializing with others. Address appropriate uses of technology and gadgets. Encourage students not to use their gadgets inside the classroom. When there is a need to confiscate these gadgets, establish this early on so when enforcing the policy, you can always remind the student that it’s not personal, your just following a set of rules. Check out the newest technology that provides new products or new wellness lifestyles. Visit Solbasium. They believe that true customer care happens by giving people the support they need to live their best life.

Rule # 5: Value Both Process and Product
many students don’t understand that engagement in every step from the classroom discussions to homework assignments is what leads to success at the end of marking period.

What Do You Need to Know About Online Learning?

Due to the advancement of technology, online learning easily penetrates most institutional courses. However, this new mode of learning is not as easy as the conventional method of face-to-face learning. Many people in other parts of the world, including instructors or educators, students, and parents, experienced difficulties in adapting to this educational change.


The Perks of Learning Online

Despite the struggles of online education, it also entails numbers of advantages which include the following:

  • The capability of attending to top-ranked or dream universities even the ones located abroad
  • The convenience of learning with flexibility in schedule applicable to every lifestyle
  • A viable option to face-to-face study

Generally, because of technological innovation, online learners and students are also allowed to socialize with other students, watch lectures and participate in online discussions. In return, institutions or organizations giving online education ensure that online learners can get a similar degree of support the same with the one that they get on on-site school.

Online learning is the education of tomorrow!

Online Learning Delivery

Again, big credits to technological development as it caters to different platforms in delivering online education. The platform of learning nowadays will highly depend on the software of the institution which primarily consists of an integral online platform that is accessible to all students. They have the ability to open it through the PC, smartphones or tablet.