Impact of Technology on Education


The technological advances of recent years have had a huge impact on our society and also on education. Communication options and the supply of information have increased enormously in a short period of time. The number of developments is enormous. In this article, three key trends and tips on what to do with them in your classroom.

Increase in information and availability

With the enormous increase in information and its availability, it is increasingly important for children (but also for adults) to skillfully find useful and correct sources.
The biggest trap when searching for information is blindly trusting search engines like Google or Bing. These search engines display resources based on the search terms entered and use the user’s previous search behavior to display results. Therefore, it is important that the correct search terms are used and that you look beyond the first 10 results that a search engine returns.

Create Your Own Information on the Internet

The Internet has made it possible for students to contribute information on the Internet in an accessible way. You can easily make your own material available online, together with others, or individually, see the web development company for more information. This offers great opportunities for collaboration, monitoring learning, feedback, creativity, and critical thinking education, and there is probably much more to it than that.

Today’s students are more used to online postings than teachers. Many of them do it informally on a daily basis through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or their own blog. Let students also experience the fun and usefulness of these media at school.

Cell Phones in Class

It is no longer unusual for students to bring a cell phone to school. Many teachers struggle with the fact that it is distracting and would rather ditch the phones than be plentiful in class. Understandable, because the students who look at their screen every minute are not “on the move.”

Assume that telephones are not going to disappear from the classroom anytime soon, and think about how you can capitalize on the fact that these telephones are in the classroom.