Technology Change: More Composite Mats Production

The more advanced the technology, the higher the productivity of the employees. This is the simple equation that determines the corporate strategy of many leading manufacturers. heavy duty composite matsBut productivity and technology do not always rise in direct connection with one another. Instead, heavy duty composite mats manufacturers can only guarantee effective productivity increases for their employees. You can achieve this through strategic investments in the right technology solutions.

As technological progress is rapid and completely renewed every 4 to 5 years, manufacturers need to figure out how to best keep pace with deploying strategic solutions. This way, it can lead to long-term, cross-factory productivity benefits.

Stay up to date with the technology trends in heavy duty composite mats manufacturing

The evaluation of the most important industry trends gives manufacturers insight into the future of industrial technologies. They must know which solution they need in order to be able to achieve long-term productivity advantages.

These are the top technology trends today: heavy duty composite mats

Embedded intelligence and intelligence at the edge. By moving computing and analytics to manufacture, factories are providing better connectivity and an improved flow of actionable data. 75% of the data generated in the manufacturing industry is already generated at the Intelligent Edge.

Error detection tools. Businesses use only 6% of the intelligence edge data sensibly.  Humans simply do not have the power to check the abundance of edge data and derive potential patterns or problems from it.

New user-oriented business models. Manufacturers are increasingly realizing that the future is not just about the mere use of a product. It is also about how it is used and what impact it has on business results, for example by increasing productivity and reducing quality costs. Instead of buying a system or machine, customers subscribe to the machine and buy the machine “as a service” with the cost of capital off the balance sheet.

This is how digital technologies affect productivity in modern heavy duty composite mats manufacturing

In addition to these technological trends, manufacturers should also examine the key weak points in their productivity.

Manufacturers, for example, often have problems with the accessibility of information, starting with data acquisition and optimizing their applications to ensure their quality. They are also slowed down by the maintenance of their systems, which must be completed in order to avoid unplanned downtimes.