It will also help you to utilize your company’s strengths more quickly. Within the text are lists of questions and other action oriented discussions. These offerings are designed to help you accelerate your response to the crisis. There are also tools and templates provided herein to support your efforts. Their use along with other reference materials will shorten the timeline needed to outline the “next step” actions you must take. They will help you develop and execute your survive and thrive plans.  In a crisis, you do not have the time or the money to schedule an offsite strategic planning session. You simply must plan and act in the short term to position your business for the longer term.

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The information, tools, and techniques presented here are designed to match this imperative. To meet this challenge, use the twelve-twelve process. Plan the next twelve months of business change and improvement in the next twelve days! That is a two week planning period. (Take a day off each week to clear your mind and renew your energy.)  Ideally, you should read through the entire book and then go back and begin the specific work. Each topic area is laid out to prompt actions to help with the survival of your business. This approach will afford you the benefit of broader strategic thinking and should help prompt the integration of creative, insightful, uplifting strategies.


Identification of the right strategies and actions should carry you and your business to new heights on the other side of an economic crisis.  Do not despair when you realize that this is a difficult process. It will provide you with an opportunity to really assess where your business is in a changing environment.