How Technology Has Changed Cat Care




There are few things more natural and primal than the connection between people and their pets. For several thousands of years, humans are sharing their lives with stock, particularly cats. In additional recent history, the way we live has changed massively due to the event of sophisticated technology. Aside from modern scratch posts for cats, there’s now an enormous array of technological solutions available for nearly any conceivable purpose. Consumers are willing to spend a bundle on technology to create their lives easier, and it’s no surprise that this includes the care of our beloved pets.

As new technologies become available for the automation of pet care, the world pet tech market is growing which is valued at USD $4.5 billion in 2018. Driven by the fast rate of technological innovation, the market is anticipated to grow to over $20 billion by 2025. A number of the foremost popular pet tech currently on the market includes smart collars, robot cat litter boxes, and auto-feeding devices. Pet tech in the long run is probably going to utilize increasingly advanced AI technology for monitoring health and behavior. There are huge profits available to companies that seize this moment and deliver innovative products that job. Let’s take a glance at a number of the key players within the burgeoning world of robotic cat litter boxes.

Gone are the times of laborious, manual scooping of stinky detritus. Offering automatic waste separation and cleaning functions, plus additional features, are robotic litter boxes. The highest player within the robotic cat litter box market is that the popular Litter-Robot. As all resemble a cute droid from Star Wars during which your cat can poop, the corporate offers several models. You merely add clumping cat litter to the spherical receptacle, and your cat does its business as normal. After your cat has done the mandatory, the world rotates to separate the material and return unused cat litter to the tray. The Litter-Robot boasts additional features like a weight sensor and night light.


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As the top cat of the robot litter box market, there are some contenders for Litter Robot’s position. Separating waste and refilling litter automatically, the LavvieBot S is fully automated. This implies that you just can ‘set it and forget it for up to 3 weeks, for the final word convenience. LavvieBot makes use of fast wi-fi connections to wirelessly sync with an avid smartphone app. The app tracks your cat’s weight and loo habits, furthermore notifying you when the litter has to be emptied or refilled.

What raked in over $1 million with its Kickstarter campaign is Footloose which is another hi-tech litter robot. Yet because of the automated sifting mechanism and other features, Footloose claims to assist track the health of your feline friend. Alerting the user of any abnormalities via an app, the device uses AI technology to analyze the frequency and quantity of waste expulsion. This might be great news for owners of cats with digestive or urinary issues, though how well it actually works has yet to be seen.

On the cat, pet care market is The iKuddle which is another smart litter box. This litter box can separate the waste from the clean litter once your cat has left the box and is controlled by an app installed on your phone. With the easy press of a button, this gadget can auto pack your pet’s waste, allowing you to simply lose it when possible. With a health tracking app connected to the sensor, you’ll even track the overall health of your cat supported by their feeding schedule and portions and the way often your cat uses the smart litter box.

While robot litter boxes are a beautiful prospect for consumers, a number of the products on the market are beset with problems. Mess, smells, malfunctions, and expensive upkeep are some of the issues customers have reported. Competitor gadgets claim to be ready to correct these problems. One thing is as expected, however. Pet technology is improving at a rate of knots, and also the market is growing exponentially. The manual cat litter scoop could also be a relic as archaic because the kerosine lamp, someday within the not-too-distant future. Maybe keep one around until then, just in case.