Ways Into The Future Of Online Marketing Technology

The digital transformation poses new challenges for marketing. This will fundamentally change the strategies, processes and applications in the marketing area.

Marketing Tech: What is it?

Anyone can use marketing tech to describe a wide variety of technologies that companies use to support and automate all kinds of marketing activities. A very wide range of different applications can be summarized under this. It is from classic CRM platforms such as digital asset management or e-mail marketing to AdTech solutions and tools for the more precise delivery of online marketing.

Anything that can be controlled programmatically will do so in the future

The majority of companies spend an average of 25 percent of their marketing budget digitally. Over 80 percent of companies expect that number to increase. From a company perspective, one reason for this is that the programmatic trend, i.e. the automated purchase of advertising space in real-time, will soon reach all advertising channels including television.

Online marketing automation is picking up speed

While analytics applications such as website analytics are primarily used in the field of marketing tech today, a different picture is emerging for the future. Companies are planning to focus primarily on dynamic creative optimization, customer data platforms and marketing automation. The long-term goal of marketing decision-makers is to pave the way for the current operational process support. This is through marketing technologies to comprehensive digitization and automation with a focus on automated and individual customer communication in real-time.

Online marketing

Individualized online marketing strategy instead of outsourcing

In marketing, the dependency on large providers such as Google is high today. But here, too, new trends are emerging. The reason for this is more than 60 percent of companies would like to pursue individualized strategies in the future. They will reduce their dependency on third-party providers.

Changed role profiles in a technological marketing world

With the digitization of the marketing world, the demands on employees are also changing. Above all, marketing technology experts, data scientists and audience managers are required. This is to ensure the ability to adapt to the changing marketing tech landscape. For example, the role profile of a marketing technology expert in the company is developing from a “gatekeeper” function to an advisory coaching and moderation role. This mediates the marketing department and IT.