Why Sweden’s Schools are Among the Best in the World

The Swedish government consistently ranks high in international assessments for the quality and efficiency of educational services provided to all children; including children of the country’s indigenous Sami nation. Formally attending school in Sweden is compulsory, from elementary level to junior high school, as it is totally free to do so. Proceeding to senior high school is optional and still provided free by the government.

Moreover, parents and children may choose to enroll in a private educational institution instead of a state-run school, and still avail of the free school benefit.

Preschool and kindergarten is likewise optional but partly funded by the Swedish government. Mainly because these facilities double as day care and learning centers at the same time. Actually, the Swedish government;s main focus here is in providing child care services.

Inasmuch as most Swedish parents are working, the government also offers out-of-school care for children from age 6 to 13 years old. That way, couples can balance their time and attention in carrying out their duties as parents and as employees or workers, or even as students. Working parents may even request employers for shortened working hours if for parenting purposes,

Early Education of Swedish Children in Preschool Facilities

Preschool day care centers are expected to provide children with an environment conducive to the development and well being of children in their early years. The Ministry of Education oversees the operation of these facilities to ensure the children are staying in safe and nurturing conditions, with lots of learning opportunities.

Giving children proper care is a requisite for preschools not only as assurance to parents who have to work. Helping parents raise healthy and happy children also comes with the responsibility of developing every child’s interest in learning not only about life in general but also about themselves.

In Sweden, parents of newborns take parental leaves to make sure their baby will progress and develop into becoming healthy toddlers. Babyvakt or baby guards are important because parents do not leave everything and anything to chance. A baby guard or monitor enables them to keep watch even as their baby sleeps.

That is why for many parents, entrusting their toddlers and/or preschoolers to a day care center is a big decision to make. Preschools become necessary, if their work prevents them from giving their children the learning opportunities and experiences they need before transitioning into compulsory education.

Why Sweden’s Schools are Among the Best in the World

Swedish schools whether state run or privately owned are required to provide child-centered and target-driven education. While high taxation keeps schools well funded, it is common for Swedish schools and early childhood learning centers to collaborate with diverse non-profit organizations in carrying out different learning programs and activities.

The country’s educational system teaches children to learn basic reading, math and science subjects but not for the mere purpose of attaining high scores. In fact learning different languages is compulsory in higher levels. Mainly because the objective of education is to awaken every student’s interests and for them to discover, as well as develop their individual skills and talents.

The main goal of Swedish education systems is to give every youth equal opportunities for achieving success in future endeavors. Students are assessed by their teachers and not by external tests, since they are in the best position to give every student proper guidance.