Cook Smart With Sensor Technologies

The introduction and distribution of gas grills have given the modern kitchen a better way to smoke and grill. But kitchen technologies have been developing every day. If there’s one company that has introduced the easiest and the most convenient way to cook, it could be Bosch. They have introduced sensor technologies for your kitchen. Let’s look at three great kitchen sensor technologies for a smarter kitchen.

Smart Kitchen Technologies

Cooking pampers all the senses

The scent of fresh herbs, the feeling of warm puff pastry on the tongue, and the sight of colorful vegetables: Cooking pampers all the senses. Recipes are passed on from one generation to the next and probably each of us has a beloved secret ingredient. Cooking is the art of creating unique creations out of fire and ice. So that you can master all the elements in the kitchen, sensor technologies give us the opportunity to combine traditional culinary art and modern innovations.

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The easy way to the perfect result – Sensor technologies for your kitchen

Is the water boiling over? When is the steak cooked to perfection and how can I keep the soup fresh for as long as possible? Working in the kitchen is often a balancing act. Now some support would be just the thing. So that you never lose track of things when cooking, roasting, or baking. Sensor technologies for the kitchen, like a good cook, are very sensitive, have a feel for the right moment, and are guaranteed not to lose anything. They are also uncomplicated, which makes them the perfect companions for all those who like to enjoy the full benefits of the latest sensor technologies and would rather read the cookbook than the manual. Let’s find out more.

Sensor oven thinks for you

Perhaps you know the problem: You want to prepare a roast for the whole family, but you are unsure when it will be done. Of course, you can now check whether enough meat juice has leaked out or what color the meat has taken on. Finding the right time here requires a lot of experience. The guessing game is over with the latest sensor oven. The integrated meat thermometer determines the optimal core temperature and guarantees that your roasts, poultry, fish, and even baby food will turn out perfectly. Even cavities or bones, which can deceive conventional thermometers due to their deviating temperature, are automatically recognized. This means that incorrect measurements are ruled out – even in microwave and steam baking operations.

The perfect baked goodies with a baking sensor

The humidity in the oven decides whether cakes, muffins, and pizzas are delicious or a disaster. Up to now, measuring these has been very time-consuming and often imprecise. With the newest baking sensor, you can safely leave this task in your oven. This automatically takes the swab test, permanently checks the moisture, and adjusts it independently. Only when the result is perfect does the oven switch off and give you a signal.

The sensor fry guarantees not to let anything burn

From mushrooms to steaks to vegetables, almost everything can be seared in the pan. Getting to the right temperature is a challenge with this diversity. To prevent your salted aubergines or neck steak from burning, the roast sensor continuously checks the temperature of the pan. If it is too high or too low, it will be adjusted automatically. This not only makes your dinner a success, it also increases the service life of the pan, as the Fry technology reliably protects the non-stick coating from overheating.