Bowling Technology: Minimize Cost With String Pinsetters

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There are many costs to be considered from the beginning of a business or when running an existing one. Obviously, starting a bowling center has a number of startup costs, but after the bowling technology had been installed and in place, maintaining the bowling facility will take the biggest part of expenses.

Bowling Centers High Maintenance Costs

Bowling facility maintenance costs can affect revenue in two ways.

  • Full-time mechanic to run pinsetter
  • Railway downtime due to breakdowns

The main contributor to this maintenance cost is the traditional pinsetter. These pinsetters have thousands of moving parts, one of them may cause malfunction and cause failure. For this reason, many Bowling Lanes have a full-time mechanic on sites that make sure that the LANE is always working.

At the same time, it is not easy to find an experienced free drop mechanic. We have fewer liberalizer dynamics that are not experienced in the United States for the last decades. As a result of the low supply of higher demand and dynamics, salary has increased.

Even if there is a field specialist, some failures are much more expensive than others and require a lot of time and complex repairs or complete replacement. The more complicated, the more the railway becomes offline, so it will be offline and does not generate the company’s sales.

Even with the best bowling balls, if the lanes are not useable, the company can lose thousands of money missing out on games that should have been on the lane rather than repairs.

“The average of 11,000 games in a year, the Bowling Center creates a maximum of $ 36,750 annually.”

Fewer lanes can mean fewer games a year. Especially, when a lane breaks down on peak seasons. Add a fixed cost of a full-time professional mechanic and lower profitability.

The String Pinsetter In Bowling Technology

Because the free-falling pinsetter causes maintenance and related costs, many bowling lane companies switch to the string pinsetter. Widely used in Europe, most repairs and maintenance can be done by one of the existing employees thus lowering down costs.

In addition to minimizing maintenance costs, the reliability of String-Pinsetter can ensure that lanes are always working and providing a better experience to customers. Today’s growing entertainment industries are less likely to use the traditional type that requires an expensive maintenance cost.

String PinSetters keep maintenance and repair at minimal cost because the moving parts are kept much less. Maintenance costs and better customer experience have changed the bowling center model and bring more profitability to the worldwide bowling lane.