Understanding Digital Media and Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular computer game.  Schools and independent educational institutions use this. The game principle is simple but ingenious. Players can use individual blocks in servers for mc to build buildings or entire cities together.

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures.

Digital media: Youth play Minecraft

Games are a cultural phenomenon and extremely important for many young people. Everyone has to deal with the topic of “digital games” nowadays. Parents, school, youth work and the entire environment of the children and young people are dealing with the topic of digital games.

Minecraft and technology: Playing with digital media

Play is important in children’s education. In the play, for example, children can imitate the behaviour of adults, train motor skills and learn more about their world. Children today live in a world in which they are surrounded by digital media. In the past, it was the television that might have been switched on in the morning. Today it is tablets, for example. In digital education and in playing with digital media, it is about aspects of participation in a digital world as well as new didactic means that play an essential role in the use of media.

Minecraft and technology: Digital media in everyday daycare

If you integrate digital media into everyday daycare and make didactic considerations about how you can convey digital education, you help ensure that children can become digital citizens.

Playing with digital media may still take place in the minds of some people as a passive game act. A child uses an iPad to either play an entertainment game or an educational game. However, digital media can add to the game.

Minecraft and technology: Participation of adults in the game

servers for mc

Professional adults must support play activities. From an observing position, educational professionals can make decisions that may include new directions in the game.  Professionals need to support and include children in a weaker position.

The provision of stimulating play materials that relate to the realities of life in children is another important task that educational professionals can use to support play activities in children. For example, it is easier for children to go to the cinema after they have gone on a trip to a cinema with the adults.