The Importance of Licensed Roofers in Florida

In 2018, there was not enough professional roofing contractors in Florida, while extreme natural calamities continuously wreaked havoc on the Sunshine State. As a result, then Florida Governor, Rick Scott, was constrained to issue an Emergency Order that eased some of the e;igibility requirements in licensing roofing contractors. In effect the order, enabled many general contractors to obtain official recognition as licensed roofing contractors.

After all, Florida’s Administrative Code issues or denies a contractor license by gauging an individual’s qualifications and experience. Besides, courses on roofing science and technology do not typically form part of an architectural or civil engineering degree.

A roofing contractor license mainly requires a demonstration of knowledge, expertise and skills derived from actual experience in performing various types of roofing jobs.

Risks Posed by Florida’s Natural Calamities Demand Sound and Reliable Roofing

Time and again, Florida has been hit with natural calamities. Some were extremely devastating while other weather disturbances occur almost regularly. As Hurricanes like Michael and Irma left many homes and buildings in need of major repairs, countless tropical storms, tropical depressions, tornadoes and flooding have brought harmful weather elements that weakened many homes and building.

It’s a must therefore for a general contractor to have practical knowledge and experiences in analyzing and repairing problems affecting different types of roofs, the relevant roofing processes and roofing materials; specifically built-up roofing, roll roofing, modified bitumen, foam, architectural metal, concrete, tiles, shingles, shakes, gutters, downspouts, single ply and cold process.

Passing Florida’s Roofing Contractor Examination

A major requirement for those seeking to obtain initial licensure as a roofing contractor is to pass the Roofing Contractor Examination. Understand that before an applicant can take the examination, he or she must possess the basic education and experience obtained and acquired via the following options:

Option 1

A 4-year bachelor’s degree in engineering, building construction or architecture, and at least one year of actual work experience in actual roof construction and repair.

Option 2

As alternative to a bachelor’s degree, the equivalent is to have four years of active experience as a worker in the roofing industry; of which at least one year was spent as foreman in charge of a crew while acting under instructions of a superintendent.

Option 3

A combination junior or community college education and related work experience as a W-2 employee of a licensed roofing contractor. This requirement works on a sliding scale, as the more accredited courses completed by a licensure applicant, the less years of related experience will be required.

This denotes that those who acquired additional education and training in roofing methods and technologies from their employers, would pose as an advantage.

The Roofing Company, for one, which renders roofing services in New Port Richey, Tampa and the outlying areas, continuously teach and train employees new and better methods of providing customers their roofing needs. Doing so not only results to greater customer satisfaction but also increases their employees’ chances of becoming certified contractors.

Other Key Requirements to Qualify for a Roofing Contractor License

While passing the licensure Roofing Contractor Examination is a major requirement, approval or denial for a contractor license also takes into consideration the following:

Proof of Financial Stability of the Licensure Applicant<>/strong

The license applicant’s financial stability as evidenced by his or her FICO score and as indicated in a consumer credit report. Still, if his or her FICO is below 600, the applicant may furnish a licensing bond as an alternative.
The required amount of the bond may be reduced if the applicant takes a 14-hour, Board approved, financial responsibility course.

Good Moral Character

Section 489.111(3)(a) of the Florida Statutes requires applicants for licensure as a certified roofing contractor to establish that he or she is a person of good moral character. Establishing includes submitting one’s set of fingerprints to be used for criminal background checking.