Demand for Expert Roofers Higher than Ever in Florida and Texas

Roof maintenance and repairs are common in Florida but after Hurricane Ian passed through the houses in Fort Myers, many needed rebuilding and not just repairs. In Frisco, Fort Worth Texas, most roofing contractors try to convince homeowners to consider the latest in roofing materials in case they need to rebuild or replace their roofs. A Frisco Roofer may even recommend solar shingles, as a roofing system can be a mix of asphalt and solar shingles.

Dallas Fort Worth homes have seen thunderstorms, hailstorms and windstorms, it’s not surprising why roofers are quite in demand in the region. However, as the kind of storms happening in the area are becoming much worse with each passing year, it’s high time homeowners consider newer roofing technology that works to protect their home’s entire roofing system.

Fort Myers Rendered Helpless by Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian was terrifying as its almost-Category 5 strength of 100 mph winds nearly obliterated Naples and Fort Myers in Florida. While Ian left 2.6 million Floridians without water and electricity, it was not the case in a nearby green community called Babcock Ranch.

Babcock Ranch stood its ground against the might of the hurricane. Here, the entire community of more than 2000 homes, continued to rely on power provided by 700,000 pieces of solar panels. In addition, the houses themselves had solar shingles as components of their respective roofing systems.

Babcock Ranch homeowners said Hurricane Ian proved the strength and efficiency of their green community, in withstanding the worsening climate changes caused by decades of global warming.

By the way, it might interest readers to know that the Inflation Reduction Act that recently passed as law includes incentives for investing in energy efficient and planet-friendly designs, equipment and materials to use in home and building constructions. The incentives will either be in the form of tax credits, or cash rebates

Types of Roof Materials and What to Know About Them

Solar shingles are the newest in roofing installations and are also called photovoltaic shingles as they are primarily generators of solar electricity but designed to look like conventional roofing materials

Asphalt Shingles = These are the most popular roofing materials because they are the most economical. Although it can resist impact, it has a tendency to shed over time. That’s why asphalt shingles have an average lifespan of 20 years; or less if the shingles loosen.

Rubber roofing is even cheaper than asphalt as the rubber are materials merely pressed to take the shape and form of asphalt or slate tiles. Yet it’s not a popular alternative to asphalt or slate because rubber roofings easily break down after several years of hail, wind and thunderstorms.

Slate shingles are made from stones cut into slim, mold-resistant and fire-proof shingles. They are deemed durable as they can last up to 100 years with proper maintenance; including not applying too much weight on the tiles.

Other Types but not so popular roofing materials are clay and fiberglass. Although clay is cheap, it’s best for houses located in extremely dry and warm areas. Fiberglass on the other hand, are basically asphalt shingles coated with fibergalsss on the surface to add greater protection against fire and weight. The fibergalss surface coating therefore makes asphalt shingles more expensive albeit sturdier and longer lasting.