Classroom Rules That Work

Providing a good education to our children is every parent’s priority. Children learn many things in school. Following rules are among them.

Rule # 1: Respect yourself and one another.
Showing respect to oneself especially to others is the most important rule. A student who respects himself would take responsibility for his actions and would be thoughtful towards his classmates. Respect likewise encompasses wearing appropriate attire, interreacting with teachers and when faced with challenges we take action to improve. Give =credit to students who opens the door for another. Or to a student who listens attentively to a conversation. It’s every teachers role to talk and correct students who show disrespect.

Rule # 2: The Classroom is a Safe Zone:
Schools should be a venue where every student can ask freely a question or challenge an answer without being attacked or bullied. Students should compliment each other as well as disagreeing in a constructive way. Building rapport with each other would make learning much more fun and exciting. As a teacher always remember that students respond to direct praise.






Rule # 3: Take Initiative
Advocating for oneself is an important part of developing for middle schoolers. For instance is a student was absent, he should ask the teacher for any missed material, assignments or quizzes. She should talk to the teacher how she can catch up with the missed activity. Students who develop this habit now will help students in the long run.

Rule # 4: Use Technology Appropriately
Kids nowadays are more plugged in than ever. However technology often prevents children from socializing with others. Address appropriate uses of technology and gadgets. Encourage students not to use their gadgets inside the classroom. When there is a need to confiscate these gadgets, establish this early on so when enforcing the policy, you can always remind the student that it’s not personal, your just following a set of rules. Check out the newest technology that provides new products or new wellness lifestyles. Visit Solbasium. They believe that true customer care happens by giving people the support they need to live their best life.

Rule # 5: Value Both Process and Product
many students don’t understand that engagement in every step from the classroom discussions to homework assignments is what leads to success at the end of marking period.