The Technology Patent Behind Spotify’s Song Recommendations Based on Speech and Emotions



Spotify has allegedly been given a patent for technology which will permit the loading giant to track their customers’ address and indicate songs according to their “psychological state, sex, age, or accent.”

Music Business Worldwide reports the firm filed for its patent all of the ways back in 2018, and it had been accepted on Jan. 12, 2021. One of the prospective applications of this technology, which may use records of user speech and background sound, is to deduce the “intonation, rhythm, stress, along with also the likes of components of language.” The technology may even be employed to deduce the surroundings folks are listening to audio and may find out if somebody is independent or has firm.

Spotify has to detail precisely what the execution of the tech would seem like, or if it may happen. Additionally, it is worth noting that all the patents could be given for technologies that now do not exist because many businesses often patent hypothetical or risky engineering. The inspiration behind the movement, according to the patent, is that the present way of recommending songs, which usually entails asking the consumer template queries, is not very effective enough. That is why music production companies and artists seek Spotify promotion to recommend their music to more listeners.

“What’s required is a totally different method of collecting preference attributes of an individual, especially one which is rooted in engineering so the above-described human action (e.g., requiring an individual to offer input) is partially removed and done more economically,” the patent reads.

Reached for comment, a Spotify spokesperson informed Sophisticated, “Spotify has filed patent applications for countless creations, and we often file new programs. A few of those patents become a part of future goods, but some do not. Our vision is to make the finest audio experience on the market, but we do not have any information to share at the moment.”


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