Technology of Lash Extensions

Thick, long eyelashes without the need for an eyelash curler, mascara and the like. What sounds like a dream becomes reality thanks to volume lash extensions.

Eyelash extensions technology – a trend with history

The history of eyelash extensions began at the beginning of the 20th century. A lot has changed since then, no doubt. Artificial eyelashes were only reserved for film stars and celebrities at the time and were usually glued on as a whole. Lash extensions have long been affordable for today’s women. In addition, they present themselves much more naturally and can be attached more easily thanks to new techniques. In this way, even women who have not been blessed with thick, curved or long eyelashes can deliver a breathtaking lash.

volume lash extensions

Technology: The right eyelashes

There are different techniques for permanent eyelash extensions. Most cosmetic studios offer the 1: 1 technique as well as the 2D, 3D or 4D volume technique. Depending on the style, either one, two, three or four extensions are glued to the individual eyelashes. Which type you choose is purely a matter of taste. The most natural result is obtained with the 1: 1 or 2D technique. The more eyelashes that are glued on, the more dramatic the look will be.

The 2D eyelash technology for the expressive

Instead of an artificial eyelash, two artificial eyelashes are attached to the narrow eyelash. This creates the desired effect that makes the eye area appear larger, and you save yourself the purchase of mascara.

The new 3 or 4D eyelash volume technology – for the glamorous

This technique is mainly used by the stars in glamour and show business and impresses with its dramatic look. Using a special technique, three or four fine hairs are applied to your own eyelashes. This completely new eyelash extension adhesive technology with extra soft eyelashes ensures more volume and guaranteed wearing comfort. The 3D or 4D volume technology is particularly suitable for all women.  It is perfect for women who like to show themselves and who like to be the centre of attention. With these eyelashes, you are guaranteed to attract attention.

With the 2D, 3D or 4D technology, it should be mentioned that the more eyelash hairs are glued, the finer and thus also the lower in weight.