Role of Educational Technology in 21st Century

The way we teach and learn has changed as a result of educational technology, opening up new options for both students and teachers. instructional technology is transforming the way that education is delivered, from interactive software and online platforms to free instructional materials and IPTV subscriptions. We shall examine the numerous facets of educational technology and how it affects contemporary schooling in this post.

Overview of Educational Technology

A wide range of tools and methods are included in educational technology, which is intended to improve the learning process. Digital media, interactive software, and learning platforms are all included in this. The usage of educational technology can offer totally online learning opportunities or enhance traditional classroom instruction.

Educational Software and Applications

Applications and software for education are made to give students dynamic, fun learning opportunities. These resources can help students work at their own pace while reinforcing concepts and provide feedback. Applications and software for education can also be used to evaluate students’ learning, offering important insights into their development.

Access and Flexibility

Increased access and flexibility are two of educational technology’s main advantages. For instance, online learning platforms can be accessible from any location with an internet connection, giving students who would not have access to traditional classrooms chances. 

Additionally, educational technology can be used to offer more adaptable learning opportunities that let students work at their own pace and according to their own schedules.

Open Educational Resources and Free Access

Open educational resources (OER) are educational resources that are publicly accessible, freely used, and shareable. Textbooks, films, and other digital materials can all be considered OER. Since many educators and institutions have come to understand the advantages of free and open access to educational resources, the use of OER has been expanding quickly in recent years.

As a result, educational technology has changed how we teach and learn, opening up new possibilities for both students and teachers. The face of education is evolving as a result of educational technology, which ranges from interactive software and applications to online platforms and free instructional materials. Education could become more accessible and flexible thanks to educational technology, opening up chances for students who might not have had access to traditional classroom settings. The usage of instructional technology is probably going to increase further, giving both students and teachers additional options.