Copper Mountain Resort : The Best Winter Sports Experiences in All Levels

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Copper Mountain, after all, is one of the busiest ski resorts in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains because it’s where most budding winter sports enthusiasts go to learn how to become skiers and snowboarders. Once they get the hang of the popular winter sports, they will level up by applying their newfound skills in the ski resorts of Vail or Breckenridge Mountains.

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Yet Copper Mountain has a terrain made perfect for year-round skiing and snowboarding by the tons of snow that the mountain amasses every winter. Moreover, its naturally divided 2,456 acres of terrain gives the mountain resort the capability to offer both family-oriented and extreme winter sports skiing and snowboard runs.

What Makes Copper Mountain;s Terrain Ideal for Beginners

copper mountainLocated at a distance of around 75 miles from Denver, Copper Mountain is partitioned into three sections, namely the East, the West and the Center Villages.

The East Village is where vacationers find only the best in 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom facilities located within 3 to 4 minute walking distances to the Center Village.

The Center Village is deemed as the epicenter of entertainment technology in Copper Mountain, being home to most of the restaurants and dining facilities, which many consider as perfect for romantic getaways and even for intimate private weddings. Winter bike races, special events parades and live music concerts are additional entertainment events that make Copper Mountain the best winter resort ever.

The West Village is where newbie skiers will find ski instructors who will get them kick-started in beginner level ski runs. Instructors from award-winning Ski and Ride training schools also impart knowledge of proper ski wear and what to eat as well as give guidance on where to go for ski runs that are appropriate for their level.